'Bright Club'

Public Engagement Conference,        Pox @ The Avalon,              Whitley Bay Film Festival

     The Tattersall Castle,                     Whitley Bay. 2010                  Buskers competition 2011

    Thames, London. 2010                                                                                 (winners)         


The Pox Collective is made up of a revolving troupe of artists, musicians, comics, clowns, dancers and actors.

Founded by Tracey Tofield and Jamie Flynn in 2010, Pox explore and express a variety of  knowing and not-knowing in performance-lectures and other live events.

Music, satire, comedy, ,practice

The Pox collective spread happiness  and want to remind people that the World is Turned Upside Down.


Pox performers have included;

Tracey Tofield, Richard Broderick, Tracy Greener, Dolores Hobby, Michelle Follett, Emma Norris, Mike Glover, Ged Camille, Andy Eardley, Josie Stewart, Jamie Flynn and others. Contact Tracey for information.


The long human search for the lost forests that once covered the whole world.

Like the dove in the story of Noah, searching through oceans of waste, she carries the emblem of peace, nature, and regrowth...

Holly: hardy, protected, stays bright and colourful in the cold, protects against lightening...

Pine: hermaphrodite, fertility, tree-worship (at christmas we actually offer our gifts to this ancient, self-fertilizing, ever-green being), protection from disease.

meanings: beauty that shines even in difficult weather, protection, willpower, self-sufficiency, self pleasure, hermaphrodite/androgyne, strong natural forces, gaia...

she shape-shifts through a million forms of every beast on earth, carries oaks in her underpants, struggles on through the storms and tempests, searching, searching, falling, getting

she merges with humanities waste to transform it

mother earth receives, carries, waits for the chance to grow.

beautiful shifts of rhythm and shape

a weird striptease, a strange dance

Written by Dan Hernandez